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From a watermelon – to a roadside cafe

- West Kazakhstan Region
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Development of roadside service is one of the tasks of the state program of development of infrastructure "Nurly Zhol"

Makhambet rural area of Zelenovsky district of West Kazakhstan region is located near the highway of international importance Samara - Shymkent, it is not surprising that entrepreneurs Nasyrov brothers got the idea to expand the business through the development of roadside service.

Nasyrov brothers are engaged in business for over a decade. By creating a farm, first they were engaged in production and sale of meat, then moved on to gardening and growing greenhouse produce. The title of the farm reflected their willingness to work for the future "Altyn Bolashak".

The whole region know watermelons of Zhandos. It is with them, they began to work on crop production. Watermelons were followed by vegetables. So hectare per hectare, Erkin and Tulep mastered the secrets of working on the ground. They began to grow gardens in 2009, in 2012 they got engaged in greenhouses.

And now they decided to engage in the provision of services in the field of roadside service, which will include a café, a hotel with sauna, showers and laundry facilities, car wash and tire service.

The branch of the Chamber the consultants of the business support center helped them with registration of land and obtaining all permits.

The cafe with 40 seats opened its doors on the eve of the New Year, and delicious lunch and coffee already attracts visitors. The rest of the construction is scheduled to begin in the spring.

The project of brothers Nasyrov’s is listed in the tripartite agreement with Kazavtozhol service.

In 2015 and this year is carried the active implementation of the state program of infrastructure development "Nurly Zhol", which envisages the construction of highways in five key areas: Center - North, Center - East, Centre - South Centre - West and Almaty - East, therefore the work on attraction of investors to the development of roadside service has intensified.

In this regard, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs considers a draft agreement developed by the national operator on management of the republican roads - the company JSC "NC" KazAvtoZhol", on cooperation in the sphere of road service facilities and is discussed with existing and potential entrepreneurs who are ready to work on the program of roadside service along the roads of national importance of Kazakhstan till 2020.

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