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The agenda of the meeting of the Club of Accountants consisted of four blocks
The introduction of standards for mandatory installation of monitoring devices for oil products; the procedure and the rules of issue of electronic invoices under the WTO; a discussion of the tax burden according to the approved rules of calculation of the ration of taxpayers’ tax load (RTTL), the liquidation of enterprises on the basis of the audit statement.

Discussions on the problems of installing monitoring devices for accounting of petroleum products, issue of electronic invoices and calculating the coefficient of the tax burden under the new rules, showed how many ambiguities and inaccuracies there are in the adopted new laws and regulations. Businesses are turning to "Atameken" requesting changes and amendments to the legislation. In particular, the Accountant of SP "Goober" Svetlana Goober wonders what it is necessary to change the calculation of the coefficient of the tax burden. "According to the calculations imposed by the new rules, the tax burden is significantly reduced, - said Svetlana Goober - and this may lead to the inclusion of the company at risk, and this is more likely a spot check carried out by SRC".

Other accountants also supported the old method of calculation.
The participants also had a lot of questions on the Law of RK "On state regulation of production and turnover of certain types of oil products", in terms of the introduction of the norms of the mandatory installation of monitoring devices for accounting of oil products for failure to introduce this innovation in the terms specified by the Law. At present, companies are searching for suppliers and installers of control metering devices (CPU) for flow, level and density of fuel and lubricants at oil depots and petrol stations. The current list of prices for metering devices is too expensive, so work on installation of equipment has not yet begun.

Representatives of the gas station and petrol bases of the region suggested changes and amendments to the "Rules and requirements for equipping production facilities of oil producers, bases of petroleum products and gas stations (except gas stations of mobile type) with control metering devices", which include, in particular, the request for the establishment of administration of the rules since 1st of January 2020 - for the petroleum producers, oil producers, wholesale suppliers of oil products or retail distributors with a base of petroleum or reservoir, with January 1, 2021 – for producers of petroleum products and retail distributors from the base of petrol products or reservoirs, as well as the complete abolition of the introduction flow meters at tank farms and petrol stations, as flow readings duplicate readings of level, which is unnecessary. These and other proposals were included in the protocol and sent to NCE RK "Atameken".

A lot of regional taxpayers complain on filling the graphs of electronic invoices, creating great inconvenience in the work, and the continuing failure of the IP server  on the portal , because of which occurs untimely dispatch and receipt of IE. It has been said at the club's meetings. Once again, the accountants have asked for simplification of IE Regulation and registration of a moratorium on the application of penalties for untimely handed or improperly filled invoices.
The meeting of the Club of Accountants, which was held at the Regional Chamber, has once again shown the demand in such meetings as many questions were accumulated among managers, accountants, lawyers or companies on the other issues.

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