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Akim of the WKO will receive entrepreneurs at the Regional Chamber on the weekly basis

- West Kazakhstan Region
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According to Altai Kulginov, the support of the agro-industrial complex is a priority for the region's administration. This was stated by the akim of the West Kazakhstan region Altai Kulginov at a meeting with entrepreneurs at the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs. This time the topic of discussion was the investment attractiveness of the agro-industrial complex. "We will provide all possible support to those who will invest in agriculture. We will create conditions, remove barriers, and provide state support. For those who take a step towards rural business, we will take two steps.

Indeed, in his address, the head of state called the agrarian and industrial sector a new driver of the economy. We need investments for the agricultural sector, and we will do everything possible to make this sector attractive to investors", - said Altai Kulginov at a meeting with the region's business. Temigali Eskendirov, director of LLP Zhaik Et, who is well-known in the region, cited arguments in favor of the attractiveness of investing in the agro-industrial complex, especially in the development of livestock, noting that this is a steady increase in livestock over the past three years. "First, in comparison with 2005, the number of livestock has doubled, and the number of horses almost tripled. At the same time, because of insufficient number of feeding grounds, peasant farms are forced to sell young animals, which are then fattened somewhere in neighboring regions, then the meat is processed and sold as finished products. Secondly, this is unprecedented state support. Over the past three years, 46 billion KZT were granted in loans in WKO. Of these, only 14 billion KZT on livestock. The state support program is valid until 2021. Thirdly, new markets are opening up. In addition to the neighboring regions to the WKO and the Russian Federation, China, Iran, and the Emirates are ready to purchase our meat. And finally, fourthly, now the business is diversifying. We need to turn it towards agriculture", -noted the company's director. Many are interested, in particular, according to the general director of LLP "PSP Serik" Serik Mergaliev, if there are good proposals he will be happy to participate. Many large businessmen have already joined the implementation of projects on agricultural development, such as Murat Dzhakibayev, Mikhail Pshenichny and others. Concluding the meeting, Altai Kulginov noted that the support of the agro-industrial complex is a priority for the region's leadership. "Together with the Chamber of Entrepreneurs and the Fund "Damu", the Akimat is ready to lend to rural business. Microcrediting projects have already started this year. With investors, I am ready to meet in any formats. Once a week, on Wednesdays, I will meet on the platform with everyone who wants to open their own business, to expand, to diversify it", - underlined the regional akim.


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