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The amount of the license fee must be adjusted to the enterprise

- West Kazakhstan Region
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Problems in the sphere of alcohol production were discussed at a meeting of the Council for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs and Counteracting Corruption

The individual entrepreneur Aigul Turkina noted the positive and negative aspects of the legislation in the sphere of turnover of ethyl alcohol and alcoholic products. Businesswoman does not agree with the established amounts of the license fee.

"Business objects that have a large turnover and are not in the city, but are outside it - they use the conditions of the rural neighborhood. For example, we have a hypermarket outside the city, which pays a license fee of 30 MCI, and small shops in the city, the area of which is about 50 squares - 100 MCIs", - Aigul Turkina noted.

Speakers stressed that the overwhelming majority of owners of small shops in the presence of stable jobs with regularly paid salaries are now ready to give up their own business. This in the subsequent multiplier effect will affect the decrease in the volumes of many enterprises working with retail trade (suppliers, transport organizations and other service companies) or will simply cease to operate.

At the board meeting, entrepreneurs were asked to differentiate the amount of the license fee depending on the turnover or reduction of the collection rate to 25 MCI for convenience stores.

As for the issue of turnover of alcohol products, it was proposed to redistribute overpaid amounts of a license fee during previous years to future payments.

The information provided by the Council for the Protection of Entrepreneurs Rights and Counteracting Corruption was noted by the Council. It is recommended to revise the proposals sounded once again and send to the state revenue bodies and other authorized bodies, as well as to NCE RK "Atameken".

In turn, Deputy Director for Legal Affairs of RCE Nurzhan Maksotov informed entrepreneurs about inclusion of a remark in the Register of Problems of the National Chamber.

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