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Entrepreneurs of Orenburg found partners in WKR

- West Kazakhstan Region
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Within the framework of the IV International Investment Forum "WestKazInvest-2017", the Council of Business Women of RCE of WKR organized a round table with women entrepreneurs from Orenburg region. At the meeting enterprising businessmen could present their projects, share their experience and find new partners for themselves

Women's business has one face. In whatever country there are active and business women, their goals and tasks are the same - to earn, develop and benefit society. As it turned out, businesswoman's problems are consonant, that's why the participants of the round table immediately found a common language and began to discuss the ways of mutually beneficial and constructive cooperation. Among the guests interested in the partnership are active and energetic Liya Bolotova, whose experience in business is more than 10 years.

She is the head of the Orenburg delegation, the auditor, the director of LLC "Bureau of Accounting Services", a member of the board of LLC ORO "Association of Women Entrepreneurs of Russia".

"We are very glad that you invited us. We appreciate our good-neighborly relations between our countries. To say that this is just cross-border cooperation is nothing to say. This is a warm friendship. Among my clients there are a lot of people from Kazakhstan. Kazakhstani entrepreneurs began to contact me, they want to conduct business in Russia. I gladly help them. They are not always aware what form of property to choose, they do not always know the rules of taxation. By consulting them, I myself study the tax system of your country. Sometimes I need practical help, so this meeting is very important for me", - said Russian businesswoman Liya Bolotova.

Expectations of an entrepreneur from Orenburg were immediately justified when she met with a colleague from Kazakhstan pursuing exactly this goal at a round table.

"I represent LLP Profit, it is a consulting company, we have over 15 years of experience, we provide comprehensive services to small and medium-sized businesses: starting with the registration of the choice of the organizational and legal form of the tax regime, further accounting support, tax accounting, legal services, office work, ending with procedures for liquidation, bankruptcy, rehabilitation, etc., - said the head of LLP "PROFIT" Gulbanu Aubekerova. - Actually more than 60% of our clients are ladies. Over the years, we have helped so many representatives of the fair half to nurture their business, to preserve the security of their business. It was not quite easy, but 15 years of work in this area already speak about a certain experience. "As Gulbana Aubekerova noted, in the context of globalization, business knows no boundaries. Now the legislative norms are accessible and they can be read. But sometimes you need additional professional advice.

"In this regard, we work and cooperate with many companies from Moscow, Samara, Kazan, Ufa. A number of our clients have questions when they want to develop business in the border areas. They come to me and ask if we can recommend someone from these areas. And I'm looking at Liya and I see her as a potential partner. My goal is to establish these contacts and continue to cooperate fruitfully", - said enterprising businesswoman.

And this is only an isolated case of the emergence of partnerships. Prospects for cooperation, the priorities of further cooperation were seen by many participants of the round table, who conduct business in various sectors: construction, real estate, tourism, fashion and beauty, media and manufacturing. Zhuldyz Khuspanova, chairman of the Council of Businesswomen of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs, assured that such meetings will become a good tradition and will help the business community of the region to develop and expand their business.

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