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It is necessary to form a service sector for development of rural areas

In the village Peremetnoe of Zelenovsk district of West Kazakhstan region was opened and successfully operates a school of English courses

"Reviving the village" - this concept we include not only in terms of development of agriculture and industries for processing agricultural products, although it is undoubtedly a priority. But to develop infrastructure of villages, we need the harmoniously developed service sector. We need clothes design studios, hair salons, dental offices, offices of cultural and educational spheres, sports clubs, fitness centres, educational groups for children, and, of course, foreign language courses.

Zhanar Khabibullaeva was born and raised in Karakalpakstan. She graduated from the English Department of the Faculty of Romanic and Germanic languages ​​of Karakalpak State University. At the third course she combined her studies with work - teaching English at the language courses. Although it was difficult, but the work did not interfere with her studies, it even helped her to grow as a teacher. Zhanar gained experience and began to think about teaching by her own methods. By the graduation time, the initial teaching method has been developed. After marriage, she had to move to a remote district centre. There she opened a "language center". Her classes were attended by 60 children, and it is in the countryside!

In 2004, they moved by the resettlement program to Kazakhstan, they received the status of repatriates. She decided to continue her work at the historic homeland just like in Karakalpakstan she organized the language courses. But back then in the village Peremetnoe, where a young family settled, there was no demand for such courses. So she went to school to work as an English teacher, then due to family reasons, she started to work at a boarding school as a teacher. All this time the idea to open the business did not leave her mind. Finally she decided. The search of the premises brought her to the building of the district branch of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs.

After meeting with the director of the branch Asel Kartkuzhakova and consultants of the Centre for Support of Entrepreneurs, Zhanar shared her problems and saw understanding and desire to help her - first of all, in terms of provision of legal advice. The staff of the branch of the Chamber helped her to find a room for rent. The training center was named "Progress" and started to provide its services to both adults and children in in-depth study of the English language.

Also as part of the service support, the businesswoman had a meeting with Sholpan Makhmudova, head of the Association "Centre for small business". "I have received assistance in the preparation of tax returns, advice on accounting and a lot of useful information on the activities of individual entrepreneurs. I did not expect that such consultations are available free of charge. I am very grateful to Sholpan Dzhumataevna, the Chamber of entrepreneurs with whom I consult on any matter, and always find help and support", - said Zhanar Khabibullaeva.

Teaching methods of Zhanar Khabibullaeva allow her to prepare schoolchildren for UNT, to deepen knowledge of the language in business and tourism s. Much attention is paid to the development of the courses she spoken Englishpheres, translation services are also in demand. The courses are designed for students of all levels. Both children and adults can attend them. In addition, the "Progress" has the opportunity to hold special sessions with native speakers. We would like to wish Zhanar to achieve her goals, to have more students, it's not just business, but also a significant contribution to the program of stimulation of the development of social sphere in rural areas and creation of a trilingual nation.

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