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Entrepreneurs ask to consider their interests during the development of roadside service infrastructure

The draft agreement on cooperation in the development of road service has been considered by the working group of the regional Chamber and discussed with existing and potential entrepreneurs who are ready to work on the Program of Development of roadside service along the roads of national importance until 2020.

This year was launched the state program of infrastructure development "Nurly Zhol", which envisages the construction of highways in five key zones: Center - North, Center - East, Centre – South, Centre - West and Almaty - East, due to this fact the work on the attraction of investors for the development of roadside service has intensified.

Currently, there are 3028 service facilities along the roads of national importance, of which 107 are located in the West Kazakhstan region.

Most of the roadside service facilities do not meet the requirements of the national standard, which was introduced on July 1 and are not able to fully provide the services for international transit and domestic customers.

National operator for management of republican roads - the company JSC "NC" KazAvtoZhol" developed a draft program of development of roadside service along the roads of national importance in the Republic of Kazakhstan until 2020, which is currently in the process of consultation with all interested state bodies. According to the program, it planned to build 260 service facilities, which will create more than 2 000 jobs.

Currently, the regional chambers received draft model agreement on cooperation between JSC "NC" KazAvtoZhol", regional chambers of entrepreneurs, local administrations and LLP / IE (separate contract for each SME) in the development of road service.

Many clauses are being questioned by entrepreneurs. For example, in the initial version of the draft agreement was and then was removed the paragraph, stipulating the responsibility of JSC "NC" KazAvtoZhol" for construction and maintenance of access roads and rest areas for a facility within the right of way of the road. That is, entrepreneurs are wondering, most importantly, that, as a rule, owners of roadside services can’t cover it and "KazAvtoZhol" removes it from its obligations.

Heads of IE Musatov Victor and Arman Bisengaliev offered to return the clause as a major one in the contract. They also proposed to introduce a term in the contract, which provides for the possibility of getting into lease of road equipment of the national operator under separate contracts. "Now the equipment can’t be moved of the prescribed route, so the owners of roadside service can’t rent tractors, graders, bulldozers at any price, even if they are working nearby. After all, it would be beneficial for “KazAvtoZhol”, if we could rent equipment under a separate contract", - said the owner of the roadside service.

Entrepreneurs also asked to include a paragraph according to which JSC "NC" KazAvtoZhol" must repair and reconstruct the existing side road to the facilities, the installation of traffic signs and signals in accordance with the standards of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the immediate vicinity of an object.

There have been made proposals to include clauses in the quadripartite agreements, stipulating provision of support by the akimats to the executive in terms of infrastructure, namely engineering networks (-gas, -water - electrical wires) to the object and to provide a possibility of preferential tariffs for the owners of roadside service facilities, which, as you know, too high, in contrast to ordinary people several times.

These and other proposals were sent to the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan "Atameken" for further consideration.

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