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Atyrau passenger carriers - LLP "LaVaTrans" addressed to NCE RK with a request to protect their interests

The Department of Internal Affairs of West Kazakhstan region due to sleet imposed a ban on long-distance transportation.

As the official carrier for a long-distance route Atyrau - Uralsk, LLP "LaVaTrans" encountered an unexpected obstacle: the prohibition of departure of buses during icy conditions. The passenger carrier believes that the ban is not justified and illegitimate, because the bus is the safest and most sustainable mode of transportation, especially since all the buses are equipped with a GPS speed control, the crew of each bus has two experienced drivers. "During November, the Internal Department of WKO blocked the road three times, although 60-70 km out of the 540-kilometer route are icy. We suffer multi-million dollar losses, budget receives less taxes, and in fact the situation can be solved by elementary escort by patrol cars of the column of several dozen of vehicles, including buses", - writes in his address to the National Chamber the director of LLP "LaVaTrans" V. Sinkevich.

NCE requested the regional chamber to investigate this situation thoroughly, in connection with which the legal unit of RCE held a meeting with the Department of Internal Affairs of the WKR, transport prosecutor's office, inspection of transport control, Western Kazakhstani Branch "Kazavtozhol", as well as with the representatives of LLP "LaVaTrans" in Uralsk.

Following the meeting, a letter was sent to the regional prosecutor’s office for the verification of ​​the rule of law and observance of all procedures in deciding to restrict traffic.

Subjects of Entrepreneurship (LLP "Atyrau LaVaTrans and LLP" ZKAP "Uralsk) were asked to count the number of canceled routes, the amount of incurred losses and the provision of evidence of the facts when buses were not allowed to follow the route, but small taxis passed, thereby, creating a preference for separate vehicles, that is, there may be corruption component in the actions of the traffic police.

It was also decided to examine the normative legal acts of bodies of internal affairs for amendments and additions related to the possibility of escort in the event of a situation of a partial restriction of movement.

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