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The inspections were reduced, but the questions remained!

- West Kazakhstan Region
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The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service clarifies. More than 500 entrepreneurs of the region attended the meeting "The Sanitary and Epidemiological Service Supports Entrepreneurship", conducted by the Consumer Rights Protection Department with the participation of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs. The head of the Department for Consumer Right Protection Zhaidar Kurmanov told the seminar participants that about the purposeful work on supporting entrepreneurship , reduction of administrative barriers. He explained to entrepreneurs about the procedure for conducting inspections of high-risk objects in special order, on notifications, on utility objects and industrial hygiene. In particular, according to the head of the Department, the total number of inspections has significantly decreased, and the procedure for obtaining permits for the development of entrepreneurship has become much simpler. Deputy Director for Legal Affairs of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs Nurzhan Maasotov noted that one of the main functions of the Regional Chamber is to protect the rights and legitimate interests of entrepreneurs. "Entrepreneurs know that if we violate their rights, we are always ready to support them. But entrepreneurs need to understand responsibility, especially when it comes to the health and safety of citizens. In this regard, RCE constantly works with entrepreneurs to explain the requirements of the law". The activity of the participants in the seminar-meeting showed how many questions businessmen have had with representatives of the Department for the Protection of Consumer Rights, especially regarding the conduct of inspections. The head of DCRP assured the entrepreneurs that such meetings would be held regularly, especially during the period of changes in the legislation.


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