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Altai Kulginov: "We are always ready to meet entrepreneurs"

- West Kazakhstan Region
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Altai Kulginov did not postpone his promise to receive businessmen on a weekly basis in business of the region. The akim already held the first reception on the platform of the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs. The businessmen who signed up for the meeting came up with various issues: the development of the transport and logistics infrastructure, the integration of transport services in Europe and Kazakhstan, and projects requiring implementation in the public-private partnership and requests for help with obtaining a loan to start a business. "We meet with business on different platforms. But today is the first time in this format. Here, the Chamber of Entrepreneurs, we create a separate site only for business. It is gratifying that the initiative comes from the businessmen themselves. We are always ready to meet entrepreneurs. If there are any barriers, proposals, projects, we are always ready to discuss. Now, as part of the President's instructions, we will do everything to develop mass entrepreneurship", - said Altai Kulginov. "Today, business, especially small and medium, in order to become competitive, needs state support, and we are ready to provide this support. Especially in the framework of public-private partnership. While this institution is not highly developed, it is a very promising direction. Here, on the basis of Atameken, we will give more information to businessmen about the mechanisms for implementing PPPs", added the akim of the region. The akim of the West Kazakhstan region assured the businessmen that he will conduct such a reception at the Chamber of Entrepreneurs weekly.


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